Spray On Reusable Vacuum Bags & Apparatus - Optimizing Composite Procesess




SR Composites develop, manufacture and distribute high performance SPRAYOMER® materials to the composite industry. SPRAYOMER® elastomer is derived from a renewable resource, our proprietary compound formulations are a robust modified natural rubber specifically designed for effieciently spraying net shape vacuum bag membranes.
SPRAYOMER® elastomer is the "Natural" alternative to conventional film bags and silicone bags!

SR Composites offers the full range of value added solutions together with innovative packaging, demonstrations and comprehensive training in partnership with its SPRAYOMER® Technology Distribution partners. SPRAYOMER® Technology comprises patented solutions for reusable vacuum bagging materials and related reusable apparatus for resin infusion, pre-form consolidation and pre-preg processing for use by all fabricators; from beginners...to open molders converting...to closed molders...to the advanced composite industry...

SPRAYOMER®...The “Natural” choice for lowering your consumable cost and environmental footprint by reducing or eliminating consumable products associated with conventional nylon film bags. We manufacture a wide range of reusable rubber formulations for various composite applications and processes including vacuum bags, pressure bags, bladder bags and intensifiers using fabrication techniques and integrated sealing systems that are amongst the most advanced and effective in the industry. We offer total customer support with a clear technical advantage based on proprietary materials and patented technology.

SPRAYOMER® formulations and technology have been successful in use with polyester infusion resins, vinylester infusion resins, epoxy infusion resins, for preform compaction and preform consolidation, prepreg process, autoclave process, reusable envelope bags, epoxy prepregs, wet lay-up resins, UV cure resins (custom formula), and in numerous other composite processes.

SPRAYOMER® contains Zero VOC's, Zero HAP's and cleans up with distilled water. We believe SPRAYOMER® is the best reusable vacuum bagging material for many composite applications and, SPRAYOMER® Technology patented solutions possess an alternative value proposition that results in a clear economical advantage to the fabricator...
SPRAYOMER® Is The Natural Alternative!

S P R A Y O M E R is here to help you....
P roduce optimized composites
R educe or eliminate consumable waste streams and cost
A dvance sustainable composites processes
Y ield measurable results
O ut perform
M ake composite products relevant
E volve continually
R eward …Your Employees … Our Environment … Your Bottom Line!


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